Control & Optimization

Control Systems & Optimization

Nowadays the majority of industrial processes require advanced control systems which decide not only about its safe and continuous operation but also about the performance including the energy efficiency. Control systems are also embedded in many devices present in everyday life (buildings, cars, etc.).
CIM-mes offers the development of customized control and automation systems for various applications. Our multidisciplinary team of engineers is able not only to design a control system according to the contractor requirements, but also to develop the control strategy to achieve certain generally defined targets. In our comprehensive service we can simulate the transient behavior of systems including the heat and energy transfer (TRNSYS, LabVIEW and custom models in Matlab/C++) to acquire the necessary knowledge of its most important features during the operation. Developed models can be also used to perform a detailed parametric study and optimization to improve the overall performance, robustness and energy efficiency. Our experience covers optimization of transient processes in a hybrid drive of heavy duty machines. Currently CIM-mes is involved in development and implementation of the control system in the multi-source heating system based on (i) solar collectors, (ii) seasonal thermal energy storage and (iii) heat pump. The current system state can be observed on-line.

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