Green wall model

Green wall model

The green wall or green roof influences the amount of heat transferred through to the building. It also moderates surrounding microclimate. In consequence, the energy needed for HVAC powering may be decreased. The quantitative this influence a detailed engineering approach is needed. The energy transfer balance should combine the short (solar) and long (ground, sky) radiation with convection and heat transfer through the bare wall. Additionally, the energy conversion phenomena appearing in the foliage must be also considered. The relevant model taking into account these phenomena was developed by CIM-mes in the TRNSYS simulation environment as a separate type. It was tested for robustness and validated in the laboratory set-up for different climate zones and for full season taking into account the vegetation cycle. The qualitative analysis of climbing plant wall was done to obtain energetic/economic performance. The extended analysis is also dedicated to the influence of the green wall installations on to the heat island effect. Selected engineering solutions where also proposed.

Research is cofounded by European Commission – FP7 research project CommONEnergy (no. FP7-2013-NMP-ENV-EeB-608678).

Research outline: Results and exploitation:
  • The green wall model development in the TRNSYS simulation framework.

  • The sensitivity analysis and laboratory validation in different climate zones for full season and vegetation period.

  • Free of charge beta version of „Green Wall” TRNSYS type.

  • Planned paid alpha version after commercial validation.

The figure below shows the improvement in the heat transfer through the wall coming from the green façade implementation for different locations across Europe. These results where obtained using TRNSYS together with the green foliage module developed by CIM-mes.

Green wall impact on the building energy balance

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