FEA: stamping

CIM-mes performed deep forming simulation of a motorcycle tank. The aim was to optimize the shape of forming tools and parameters of the process using FEA numerical simulations.

The purpose of this analysis was to optimize the shape of the forming tools, the shape of the stock and the parameters of the deep drawing process of a motorcycle tank through FEM numerical simulations. Original configuration of the process resulted in significant thinning and corrugation of the metal sheet. FEA simulations gave opportunity to test many alternative approaches in a short time, including:

  • different thicknesses and types of materials,
  • different shapes of cash,
  • different values of the clamping force and the method of its distribution on the clamping surface (split clamp),
  • shape modification of forming surfaces

Simulations significantly contributed to the design, which, with very few corrections, was able to form the tank in line with the customer's expectations.

FEA: Stamping

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