Dedicated aplication

Functional textiles are very common in everyday life from simple waterproof or antibacterial applications to very specialized personal protective equipement. Developement of novel-functionalityies require precise control of species distribution and concentration in textile. FunTeA CAD is an acronym for Functional Textile Architecture CAD. It is a software tool, developed to optimise textile design process by improving numerical model of droplet penetration into textile. Results obtained with FunTeA CAD make finding optimal printing parameters faster and enable develepement of novel functional textiles.


FunTeA CAD is a simulator of the ink-jet printing. For defined pattern (droplets density over the textile) and given ink parameters software calculates ink distribution on the textile. Digital model of the textile is parametric, number of fibers in the yarn, twist of the yarn etc can be defined. Resultant ink distribution in the textile can be displayed on the 3D model as a colour map, coverage ration can be computed and crossections can be done to check the depth of ink penetration.

  • Droplets interacts with each other
  • Wicking efect taken into account, based on the CFD results database
  • Results from CFD (provided with software) can be replaced with data from experiment
  • Simulation performed for the single "cell" - small, repeatable piece of the textile
  • Almost online simulation of the process - average simulation time below 1 minute
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