Crash: safety barrier

The task was to design new concept of safety barrier, where the car impact energy would be transferred into safety barrier structure more smoothly, when compared with existing solutions. The structure improvement was both focused onto novel light material application for beam manufacturing and onto new concept of mounting system. Crash scenario was created where standard small personal car driven with velocity of 100 km/h crashes on safety barrier with impact angle 300 – EN 1317. When looking at the short animation, one may observe the safety barrier deformation, followed with mounting system controlled destruction until car stops. Respective energy accumulation of stafety barrier system is possible to be observed on the diagram. The crash simulation software environment : PAM-CRASH 2G ©, and Visual-Environment© of ESI Group – was used for analysis purposes.



The traffic passive safety is constrained not only with car structure resistance against crash, rollover, falldown cases. It depends also on the road installations, which allow to minimize the causalities when the car possibly goes off the course. Nowadays the dedicated safety barrieres are mounted on the side of road to decrease car damage. The safety barrier design is an object of different structure modifications, reshaping and improvements of mounting system. Also novel materials are an object of numerous investigations.

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