• R&D for industry

    R&D for industry

    One of our services dedicated for the industry are the development projects of new devices and mechanisms. During these works we take part in the process of designing, execution supervision and technology implementation.
  • Structural analysis

    Structural analysis

    We provide structural and fatigue analysis using FEM simulations including calculations of non-standard pressure devices with "Design By Analysis" method. Example: rectangular nozzle on the ellipsoidal surface.
  • CFD analysis

    CFD analysis

    We perform numerical calculations (CFD) for complex external flows (aerodynamics) and for various industrial applications including complex multiphysics problems. Example of aerodynamic calculations to determine loads on the airframe components.
  • Dedicated simulation software

    Dedicated simulation software

    We develop dedicated simulation software for engineers, e.g., modelling of porous materials in fuel cells or particulate contamination inside fairings of the space launcher
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